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Visual & Performing Arts

Visual, Digital & Performing Arts

Visual, Digital & Performing Arts
Elective Programs

In addition to traditional academic programs, instruction is provided in Visual Arts. The program introduces students to various mediums such as Drawing, Painting, Fashion Design, Jewelry Making, Glass Blowing, and Pottery.  We also have Digital Media& Audio Technology and Music electives to choose from . The Music Program provides students with the opportunity to learn instruments, write, produce and record music in our music studio.  Our newest elective program, is an accredited Official Gaming/COMPSCI course which provides students with the opportunity to receive a transcript which is suitable for pursuing certifications, early career opportunities, or further studies. 

Visual Arts

This course incorporates a hands-on learning approach for learning about the visual arts in accordance with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  Our art studio allows students to use a variety of media and explore techniques both traditional and contemporary.  All students will receive a portfolio holder and a sketchbook to support their individual creative journey. 

Digital Media & Audio Technology

This course is meant to advance the student’s knowledge in the ever-changing digital world and provide hands-on experience with industry standards software and equipment. In the Digital Media pathway, you can learn the necessary skills to succeed in a career that is creative and fast-paced. We will practice multiple techniques to develop film shorts, audio and media production. Students will explore basic photography, video, broadcast journalism, music and other forms of online media. Individual attention is given to students to enhance their natural abilities and let them discover what it is they do well. Students will gain hands-on experience using industry-standard technology learning to create videos, from concept to final production.


The Music Elective gives students a chance to pursue their creative interests in composing, recording, and producing music. Singers and rappers can record themselves in our private sound studio, while students who enjoy playing musical instruments have access to keyboards, guitars, and drums—as well as band and orchestra instruments, which can be rented through the school. Students interested in music production can compose and edit music using applications like Logic Pro, FL Studio, and BandLab. Music students are expected to practice, improve their skills, and complete assignments from the teacher; however, there are also many opportunities for them to pursue individual interests. 

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Official Gaming/COMPSCI Course

Official Gaming/COMPSCI Course

Discover the world of Computer Science in our cutting-edge computer lab, where students gain valuable knowledge and practical skills spanning various disciplines, including Cybersecurity, Ethical Hacking, Game and Web Development, Computer Programming, and Computer Repair.

This immersive, hands-on course transcends the traditional classroom experience, promoting collaboration and teamwork as students tackle real-life challenges in the abovementioned subjects. Together, you'll learn to address both lab-based and in-school technology issues.


Upon completion, students will receive a transcript from this accredited course, suitable for pursuing certifications, early career opportunities, or further studies. Designed to accommodate all skill levels, our dynamic and engaging program will guide you on a captivating journey through the realms of Gaming and Computer Science.  

We also have an E-Sports Club!

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