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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

The fundamental purpose of Essex Valley School is to provide a therapeutic and academic environment that is designed to nurture the emotional, intellectual, behavioral, and social growth of each student so that he/she may become a contributing member of society.


To achieve this purpose, the Essex Valley School shall:  

Provide a comprehensive program that incorporates academic instruction, the arts, vocational training, and counseling.  Create an environment, which enables students to develop respect for and an understanding of the rights and opinions of others.

Focus on the recognition and utilization of individual strengths to aid all students in accepting themselves while establishing their roles in their community.  Encourage success and enthusiasm for learning.  Promote logical decision making while encouraging the development of problem-solving skills, coping skills, and personal responsibility.


These objectives will be achieved through the formation of a partnership consisting of

Essex Valley School staff, students, their families their sending school districts, and appropriate state and local agencies.



Business Office

Business Office

Business Administrator

Sophia Clarke

Business Office Secretary/Bookkeeper

Laura Behrmann

Staff Members
School Counselors

Our Staff Members

EVS 2023-24 School Calendar & Bell Schedule

EVS 2023-24 School Calendar.jpg
EVS 2023-24 Bell Schedule.jpg
EVS 2023-24 Calendar & Bell Schedule
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