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Counseling Services & Supports

Counseling Services & Supports

Therapeutic & Clinical Services

Essex Valley School’s Therapeutic and Clinical Services department includes a staff of School Psychologists, School Social Workers, and a consulting Psychiatrist.  EVS’s School Psychologists and School Social Workers serve as students’ case managers, as well as their school-based counselors. 

Services Offered

  • Individual counseling services

  • Transition planning services, including on-site SAT and/or ACT testing in an individual or small-group setting.

  • Crisis intervention and risk assessment

  • Substance abuse screening

  • Development and implementation of student's Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs), including implementation of students’ individualized behavior intervention plans (BIPs) or district-provided FBAs.

  • Collaboration with students’ teachers, parents/guardians, sending school districts, and outside service providers to ensure students’ social/emotional, behavioral, and academic needs are met.

  • Coordination with both a consulting Psychiatrist and Psychologist for a more in-depth understanding and evaluation of student’s strengths and abilities. 

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Positive Behavioral Support

All students participate in our Positive Behavior Support, which is based on the principles of positive reinforcement.  By exhibiting appropriate behavior, students earn points during each class period that allow them to access school privileges and 'purchase' items from the school's Reward Store.  School privileges include daily access to the Community Room and its recreational equipment, access to the Gymnasium and Fitness Room (in addition to students' regular class period), Reward Lunches, and Field Trips.

  • Point Cards for daily feedback

  • Level/Status Change (Level 1 – Level 6)

  • School Privileges

  • Student of the Week

  • Field Trips

  • Reward Store

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