Our Mission

The fundamental purpose of Essex Valley School is to provide an environment that nurtures the intellectual, behavioral, social and emotional growth of each student so that they may become a productive and contributing member of society.  To achieve this purpose, the Essex Valley School shall:

  1. Encourage success in, and enthusiasm for, learning.

  2. Create an environment which enables students to develop respect for, and an understanding of, the rights and opinions of others.

  3. Promote logical decision making while encouraging the development of problem solving skills, coping skills, and personal responsibility.

  4. Focus on the recognition and utilization of individual strengths to aid all students in accepting themselves while establishing their roles in the community.

  5. Provide an academic program that incorporates the NJ Core Curriculum Standards.

  6. Provide guidance and counseling in career selection by encouraging students to examine and evaluate their attitudes, aptitudes and abilities.