Essex Valley School First Annual Music Showcase

Here at Essex Valley School, our music program has always been a popular staple of our student’s interests. Every year our counselors are bombarded with students requesting to have music as an elective due to the nature of our music course. The music program at Essex Valley School has been transformed thanks to the teacher Salvatore Bonafede. Mr. Bonafede has broadened the student's ears for music by incorporating music history and composition, as well as teaching students how to play instruments. The classical more practical aspects of music are blended together with the ever-changing and expanding audio technology offering our students at EVS the best of both worlds. Recently our music program held a showcase that displayed our student’s musical talents, which ranged from a pair of piano soloists, a rock band ensemble, a few tracks of music produced by students, and a very talented songstress. The students performed in front of a crowd of their peers and staff in our auditorium and everyone gave outstanding performances. Many of our musical artists demonstrated great skills in their instruments, even after only learning them in such a short time.

Several different departments came together to help make the music showcase a resounding success. Some thanks go out to the Culinary Arts department for providing refreshments for the event. We also can’t forget to thank the Digital Media program for recording the performances from various different angles. Special thanks are also extended to Mr. Bonafede for all of the hard work he put into preparing the students to perform their ensembles and have the confidence to perform in front of a crowd. His hard work and vision came together and lead to a successful event, we can’t wait to see what will be in store next!

A Physically Challenging Experience, EVS Rock Climbing Wall

As an exciting alternative addition to the Physical Education department, Essex Valley School has added rock climbing wall in the gymnasium. The 20-foot-high state of the art rock climbing wall features four different stations with an auto-belay system. This allows one teacher safely monitor up to four students at a time. Donning a safety harness and helmet, students can climb to the top of the gymnasium on the route of their choosing, with difficulties ranging from novice to expert. This unique experience is sure to entice our students to have fun and healthy competition while getting a great workout.