Visual Art

The Visual Art program at Essex Valley School provides unique opportunities for our students to express their creativity and imagination using a variety of art forms.  Students participate in a comprehensive program that allows them to combine knowledge of art history and artistic techniques with personal ideas and concepts to produce original works of art.  Students benefit from small class instruction as it allows them to develop their ideas in stages that include brainstorming and sketching, while exploring the process of artistic expression to achieve an academic goal.  

Our aim is to use the creation of visual art as a process that facilitates our students' ability to look objectively at the world around them by:

  • Encouraging self-expression and self-determination.

  • Highlighting the benefit of focusing on a variety of art forms.

  • Achieving a sense of accomplishment, which may further improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Encouraging the development of new and diverse perspectives through a non-verbal modality.