Theater Arts

Essex Valley School's Theater Arts program offers comprehensive instruction that is designed to engage students in all aspects of a theatrical production.  Students may choose to express themselves through either writing, performance or production.  As not all students wish to develop their skills as actors, some provide their peers with support through script development and editing, while others engage in managing the technical aspects of producing their performance.  A small class setting allows each student to explore their theatrical area of choice with the guidance of their instructor and assistance of their peers.  

Students learn to incorporate elements of a variety of theatrical styles in their productions including comedy, classical drama, and more modern, student-inspired works.  They utilize storytelling, movement, and music to inspire their work, and often reflect on their own life experiences through the actions of their characters on the stage.  This performing arts course provides students with a unique opportunity to develop their creative abilities while sharpening their perceptions of themselves, their peers, and the world around them.