Hydroponic gardens are becoming increasingly popular around the globe, due to the options they provide when compared to conventional gardening methods.  Soil is a key component in traditional gardening, but with hydroponics, plants are grown in water with the essential nutrients provided through that water.  Eliminating the soil allows for up to four times the amount of plants to be grown in the same space as a traditional garden.   Here at EVS, our students will be able to learn all of the key components of hydroponics, such as developing the perfect balance of nutrients needed for each individual plant type, or determining the proper PH balance needed for successful growth.  

Through ongoing, project-based learning, our students will have to use their critical thinking skills to resolve any problems that encounter.  Pride in their accomplishments, as well as in the product of their hard work is inevitable!  Our students will be creating garden to table, fresh, organic ingredients that will be utilized by our culinary arts programs for all students’ breakfasts and lunches.