Fashion and Jewelry Design

Essex Valley School's Fashion and Jewelry Design program allows students to explore all stages of the design and fabrication of a variety of housewares and linens, clothing items, and jewelry.  Instruction includes step-by-step development of student ideas by first creating drawings and patterns, or collecting images that will assist in construction of a preferred item.  Students then receive guidance from their instructor on selecting textiles, fabrics, or other materials that will be appropriate for constructing their design.  A variety of techniques are utilized to create a final product, and students are often able to display their items for staff and other students to admire. 

The Fashion and Jewelry Design classroom provides students with access to technology utilized in the field, including sewing and embroidery machines.  Students are also able to select preferred materials on field trips to local craft and fabric stores.  Additionally, as Essex Valley School is close in proximity to New York City, students are sometimes able to attend industry-related events to further explore career options in the field of Fashion and Design.