Clinical Services

Essex Valley School’s Clinical Services department includes a staff of School Psychologists, School Social Workers, and a consulting Psychiatrist.  These staff members serve as students’ school-based counselors and meet their needs through both Individual and Group Counseling sessions; Transition services; and coordination with students’ sending school districts, parents, and outside service providers.  Students are able to meet with their counselors on both a scheduled and as-needed basis.  They may address concerns that include their behavioral, social and emotional needs; anger management; conflict resolution; peer mediation; bullying prevention; substance abuse; parenting; family issues; and transition planning.  EVS's school psychologists may also assess student academic and intellectual functioning, as needed or as requested by their sending districts, throughout the school year.

Program Components:

·       Individual Counseling

·       Group Counseling

·       Peer Mediation

·       Bullying Prevention

·       Academic and Intellectual Assessment

·       Transition Services